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Jazmin A. Hall

Welcome to Jazmin's site!
This is a place to showcase my writing, and any new developments in the pursuits of my writing career.  On this site, you will also find out information about me, some of my personal thoughts and links to sites I enjoy frequenting.
Enjoy your visit!
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Four Letter Word is finished!!!! The book is currently being edited. Stay tuned as big things are ahead...a new website (my own domain) and all subsequent info for the process of getting Four Letter Word published!
I now have a section on the Chaotic Dreams website entitled Thought Process. The section will be updated bi-monthly. It is in the Dreamers Haven section.
Still hard at work on several other works in progress and short stories for various sites and anthologies.

About Me
I am a 22-year old aspiring fiction writer, from the rainy city of Roses known as Portland, Oregon. For as long as I can remember, I have loved reading. I would always feel a searing joy whenever I got a new book, and another chance to go on an adventure through the eyes of a talented writer. It wasn't until I was 14-years old that I thought about writing myself. At that time, I read Sister, Sister by Eric Jerome Dickey, and the vitality of those characters was so amazing to me. I knew in that instant, what I wanted to do. And it has been a fierce desire ever since that day.
Even though the journey to making my dream come true is not an easy one by any means, I am looking forward to every step of getting there. To date, I have countless poems and works in various stages of progress. My novel, Four Letter Word is currently being edited.

I have a tremendous respect for writers. Not even because I aspire to become a great one, but for the creativity that they have. The ability to bring words to life on paper is a gift that I have been fortunate enough to loosely hold...and it is a gift that I will treasure and work dilligently to make sure I can keep.

Check out the other sections of this site to find out more about me, and see samples of my writing.


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