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My Work
Jazmin A. Hall
Samples of my work will be in this section...most often, poems, and writing exercises I have done for the RealSistaWriters yahoo group, which I am a member of.
The prompt was to use the line 'The air seemed heavy with the scent of...'
The air seemed heavy with the scent of his cologne. I should have been feeling guilty about being in this hotel room, on an extended lunch break no less, with a man that was not my fiance. I probably should have felt even worse that this was not just any man, but he was in fact, Robert Evans, the appointed best man for the festivites set this June. But if i had to capture what i was feeling in one word, guilt would not be high on the list. Excitement...maybe even lust. But strangely, the word that should have had me quivering in my stilettos and thinking of ways that Steve could find out I was sleeping with his best never even made an appearance.
"You think we know what we're getting ourselves into?" Robert stood at the window looking down at the city. From my spot on the bed, I had a perfect view of his delectable ass, looking mythical underneath his slacks.
"I can only speak for myself."
"And?" He waited for me to continue.
"I know that nothing is about to happen, that I don't want to happen."
"Alright... let's just say, for the sake of imagination...that this goes down. Where does that leave us? Are you still going to marry Steve?"
"I love Steve. You know that."
"Than why are you here with me?" He walked over to the foot of the bed. His stare caused me to feel naked, although I was still wearing my pants suit.
"Because I want to be. Is that a good enough answer for you?"
He was silent. I couldn't read his expression. "Someone once told me that nothing is done in the dark that won't be brought to light. You believe that?"
"Cause I have a feeling that when its all said and done...we won't be able to hide from that light.  I just hope you can handle it."
"Let me worry about that. For now.. you just bring that over here."
And than, there was darkness.