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Into the mind of J. Hall

Jazmin A. Hall

Someday is Today

In March I did something that elevated me in so many, many ways. It was taxing but it was sweet as fresh fruit dipped in sugar.

I finished my book.

Those four words are so very meaningful to me. My novel, aptly titled Four Letter Word is meaningful to me as well. Regardless of what I come to write in the future, the Daniels family and their story that is Four Letter Word, will always be special to me. This is my baby ya'll :)

Right now I am doing re-writes. Soon the novel will be read and changed some more, then off to a professional editor to be polished and ready to submit to agents. I simply can't wait.

My journey is on its way to becoming. I am happy...I am excited...I am ready.

May 6, 2005



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